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Welcome Letter

Education. Travel. Philanthropy.

Dear Educators, Parents, and Students –

Welcome to Rustic Pathways. If this is your first time learning about us, hello! We are delighted that you have found us. To our friends, families, and partners across Australia, welcome back.

Rustic Pathways is defining a new space at the intersection of education, travel, and philanthropy.

A student’s journey with Rustic starts in the classroom, extends into the world, and continues through life. Our pre-travel curriculum provides content that prepares them for immersive travel. While travelling, students learn through service, share stories with locals, support community partners, and reflect on experiences. Our Rustic Life program then provides students with a platform for change and an opportunity for life-long engagement with the global Rustic community once students have settled back into their day-to-day lives.

We believe that an investment in travel needs to deliver enduring educational outcomes and develop capabilities required for students to achieve success and create a positive impact in life. Our programs are intentionally designed to build intercultural understanding, cultivate grit, encourage independence, and foster a sense of self-awareness. More about our student learning outcomes click here

Emotion and empathy are great motivators for action that can lead to enduring change if supported with appropriate resources. Our staff purposefully foster relationships between students and the local communities they visit, creating personal connections between people affected by global issues and students that have the potential to change the world. Empathy is developed and our students are emotionally impacted. Program leaders facilitate meaningful reflection, then our post-travel program and the Rustic Pathways Foundation provides opportunities for students to continue supporting our community partners. When you travel with Rustic Pathways you are not only shaping your future, but also the futures of communities around the globe.

As an educational travel company that partners with educators and schools around the globe, Rustic Pathways is committed to creating a world where all people are connected by a shared humanity. One measure of our success is our ability to help students see past the labels and stereotypes that we are often so quick to apply; to understand that all around the world, people are people, born into different circumstances, often inheriting the decisions of others, and limited by resources and education. Yet, transcending all our differences are the universal values of friendship, family and love, connecting us as humans. The future holds some significant challenges for our children, and we believe that education, travel, and philanthropy are part of the solution.

We warmly welcome you into the Rustic Pathways family and hope to share a journey in life with you.

Best wishes,