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Wildlife Conservation

Hands-on volunteering with Australian wildlife
8 days in Queensland 14 - 18 year olds $1,995 + airfares

Channel your passion for wildlife during this program designed for animal lovers interested in zoology, ecology, conservation, or veterinary science. Enjoy the ultimate backstage pass to Australia Zoo, one of the world’s most respected animal conservation centres. After orientation, help prepare food and enrichment for wildlife, watch keepers present guest talks, and assist with interactive animal enclosures. Volunteer alongside keepers perform a variety of tasks like gardening, mulching, pond scrubbing, raking, and poop scooping—it’s all part of the experience! Meet some of the majestic creatures that call Australia home and return home knowing what it’s really like to care for wildlife at a zoo.

Then, use your skills to support an incredible woman who is caring for many of the animals affected by our recent bushfires. You will contribute to specially designed projects at her wildlife rehabilitation centre. This program is an unequalled backstage pass to experience wildlife conservation in Australia.