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Rustic Trips

What Are Rustic Trips?

Rustic Trips are open-enrolment travel programs for high school students. There are over 90 of these programs available around the globe during June and July. Students sign up for these programs individually and then travel with other students from around the world, guided by our trained program leaders. These programs are run by our USA office.

Is Travelling On Your Own Scary?

Don’t worry – you won’t really be on your own. Everyone else on the program will be in the same boat as you, and you’ll quickly make friends. After many of our Rustic Trips, students tell us that the other “strangers” on their program have become life-long friends. Think of this as an incredible opportunity to meet new people, and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience shared with great new friends! You can also sign up with a friend from home, if you’d prefer to travel with someone you know.

Use the search function to find a specific program, or simply browse through all the options we have available.

Spring Break Surf and Adventure

You’ll surf, zipline, white water raft, and soak up the jungle environment on this getaway!

$2,795 USD
9 Days in Country

Andes to Amazon (College Program)

Venture across Peru’s most famous destinations in this unique service adventure

$5,195 USD
15 Days in Country

Off the Map: Alaska

A journey to experience some of America’s most beautiful places.

$5,495 USD
9 Days in Country

Floating Village Service Expedition

Cambodian river life and service in communities on the Tonle Sap

$4,595 USD
18 Days in Country

Rebuilding Puerto Rico

Explore the unique history and rich biodiversity of Puerto Rico

$2,945 USD
8 Days in Country

Best of Italy – North to South

Rome, Pompeii, Naples, and more are on offer as you experience the highlights of a Roman adventure

$4,995 USD
14 Days in Country

Wild Galapagos: Eco-Service in the Galapagos and Ecuador

The adventure of a lifetime across Ecuador’s unique ecosystems.

$6,145 USD
15 Days in Country

Moroccan Wanderer (College Program)

Across the mighty desert, over the mountains, and into the sea

$6,295 USD
16 Days in Country

Himalayan Explorer

A unique two-week adventure in India and Nepal

$7,695 USD
16 Days in Country

Hanoi to Ha Long

A two-week adventure uncovering the hidden gems of northern Vietnam

$5,745 USD
18 Days in Country

Hawaii Service

Service and exploration in the lush tropical paradise of Hawaii

$6,745 USD
16 Days in Country

Marine and Rainforest Conservation in Thailand

An exploration of Thailand’s rich yet fragile ecosystems and local cultural immersion

$5,595 USD
16 Days in Country

African Environmental Conservation

Hands-on training with animal and environmental conservation initiatives

$6,295 USD
16 Days in Country

Culture and the Crater

Village community service on the edge of the immense Ngorongoro Crater

$4,645 USD
16 Days in Country

Spring to the Sacred Valley

Camp out, engage with the community, and work on meaningful potable water projects in rural Peru

$3,245 USD
8 Days in Country

Andes to Amazon

A unique service adventure across Peru’s most famous destinations

$5,195 USD
15 Days in Country

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