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Students – hello and welcome! Rustic offers A LOT of different programs, so please contact us if you need help figuring out how it all works.

Here’s the essentials that you need to know:

  • Rustic Trips are open-enrolment programs for high school students. There’s 90+ programs during June-July where you travel with teens from different countries and our program leaders.
  • Want to organise and lead your own trip for your school? Talk to your teachers then contact us to launch a group trip. Check out the different types of programs we run.
  • Private trips? No worries. Get five or more friends together and we’ll put together a custom trip just for you.
  • Our alternative schoolies trips are called Pathfinders. Check them out and do something meaningful at the end of school or at the start of Uni. These programs are open to 17-19 year olds, so you can travel on Pathfinders the year before or after year 12 as well!
  • Our Gap Year Programs offer 18- 22 year olds the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the world and prepare for their adult life through incredible, transformative travel experiences. With our Verto Education University Credit Semesters, students can earn university credit during their travels!