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School Group Travel Post-Coronavirus – Educational Travel in Australia

This is the perfect time for educational travel in Australia! 

Forever the “Lucky Country”, Australia looks likely to survive the Coronavirus lightly, relative to other countries. There are still many unknowns, but it’s promising to see state and federal governments providing a roadmap towards a new normality. While international travel may not be possible for some time, domestic travel is likely to open from July.

In Australia we have been given a wonderful opportunity. In fact, in Chinese the two characters that make up the word “crisis” mean “danger” and “opportunity” in English. We are lucky to live in a country that offers so much possibility for enriching travel experiences. Diverse landscapes. Complex and ancient indigenous cultures. World-class experts to share their knowledge. This crisis provides a great opportunity for our students to explore Australia! 

I’ve always been drawn to the exotic mystique of far-off destinations like Machu Picchu and the Grand Canyon. I’ll admit that Australia was far down on my travel bucket list. I figured I’d eventually explore Australia as a Grey Nomad in my latter years. However, last year I had the opportunity to lead my first Rustic Pathways program in Australia. 

My Experience With Educational Travel In Australia

This 11-day program showed me the deep importance (and fun!) of educational travel in Australia. We visited the East Kimberley, El Questro Wilderness Park, Lake Argyle, the Victoria Ranges, Katherine Gorge and Kakadu National Park. These places are as raw, real and spectacular as any foreign destination I’ve ever visited. 

Even more incredible was supporting our students to gain a deeper understanding of Australia. Learning from local Indigenous groups about their profound connection to country was an unparalleled experience. Equally important was learning how the dark history of the stolen generation continues to affect them.

Now more than ever, it is important we teach our students about our country’s past. Australia’s Indigenous people have one of the most culturally advanced societies in the world. We can learn so much from the way in which Indigenous communities have and continue to live their lives. 

Travelling to these communities exposes a raw side of our history. But it is essential that we educate our students on these issues so that all Australians can move toward a better tomorrow with a deeper understanding and respect for each other. At Rustic Pathways, we have positioned ourselves at the frontline, dedicated to educating and inspiring students to understand Australia on a deeper level.

An Overview Of Rustic Pathways’ Educational Travel Programs In Australia

We offer a myriad of unique opportunities for educational travel in Australia. Our programs span the country. 

In the East Pilbara, we offer one of the most immersive and interactive Indigenous experiences available in Australia. Students live on land with The Martu – one of Australia’s last Indigenous groups to make contact with white man. Their elders have experience of traditional life and traditional ecological knowledge of their country. 

We offer numerous Aboriginal cultural immersion experiences across central, northern and north west Australia. 

In Far North QLD, our students experience the extremely diverse ecology of the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef. Our students can even travel with a world-class marine biologist

Venturing even farther north, we offer programs on Cape York Peninsula. Students can help with sea turtle conservation or lend a hand with research projects on the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve.

We even have an absolutely one-of-a-kind island survival program! Students learn survival skills and undergo personal development training. All of this on a stunning, deserted island in the Southern Great Barrier Reef!

Our base house is located on the Sunshine Coast. It’s the perfect jumping-off point for all kinds of exciting activities! We have built a strong standing with the local community over many years. Thus, we have a number of incredible service partners who support our students to give back through meaningful projects. These range from volunteering at Australia Zoo to lending a hand at Special Olympics basketball practice.

Schools Are Booking In Now For Travel In Australia!

Given that domestic travel will resume before heading overseas, a number of our schools have already switched to one of our Australian educational travel programs for 2020/21. These schools value travel as an essential element of education. They also recognise that travelling in our own country can be just as valuable as going abroad.

Now is the time for your students to discover Australia! You will find there’s overwhelming opportunity right here at home for your students to broaden their worldview, experience another culture, give back, and expand their limits. 

You can learn all about Student Travel in Australia with Rustic Pathways here

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About the Author

Cameron Briscoe

Group Travel Coordinator

Cam came to Rustic in 2019 and has quickly established himself as a valuable team member. After gaining his degree in Journalism and Communication, Cam spent two years managing Contiki tours through Europe. Based in Melbourne, Cam’s diverse background gives him a unique skillset to support our Australian groups and his fun nature makes him an instant favourite with anyone he meets.