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Ambassador Program

The Rustic Life Ambassador Program is for students who come back from their Rustic trip feeling mega-inspired, hyper-motivated, and wanting to give back in a big way to their community, within Rustic Life itself, to a Rustic Pathways Foundation project or to a community they visited on their travels.

The role of our ambassadors is quite open-ended, allowing them to deepen their knowledge in their area of passion and give back in their own unique way! Each of our ambassadors proposes a project they would like to complete, and sets their own timeline for completing it, with our help and support, of course!

Projects our current ambassadors have taken on include managing the Rustic Life blog, setting up a Rustic Life Podcast, creating an informational Rustic Life video, coordinating a Rustic event, organising a fundraiser for a Rustic Pathways Foundation Project, and more!

Our Ambassadors get awesome perks, like attending an Ambassador Retreat on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast, a discount on the annual Rustic Life Expedition, the opportunity to represent Rustic at leadership and development events across the country, and more!

Become An Ambassador

Applications for the RL Ambassador Program open at the end of each year. Keep an eye on the Rustic Life Blog, the monthly Rustic Life Emails, and the Rustic Life Instagram for when our applications open for next year. If you’re REALLY interested, you can also feel free to reach out and let us know by email at and we may be able to get you involved sooner.

Meet Our Ambassadors