Rustic Life

What is Rustic Life?

Rustic Life is Australia’s Rustic Pathways community. It is a platform and resource that encourages and motivates students and provides them with the tools to create the change they want to see in the world. We’re pretty serious about what our students can achieve!

Rustic life was created to support and bring together young people who are courageous enough to put themselves out there and explore the world. These students expose themselves not only to the challenges, adventure and diversity travel offers, but also to some of the larger-scale issues that our global community is facing.

Time and again we’ve seen these students return home from their travels wanting to make a difference in the world and to contribute to their own community or the global community in a significant way. That’s what Rustic Life is here for – to support students to stay engaged, get involved and to use their travel experiences as motivation for action.

How Do Students Get Involved in Rustic Life?

When students sign up for a Rustic Pathways program, they are automatically part of the Rustic Life community, with exclusive access to events, resources, and opportunities that we share in our monthly Rustic Life emails and on our Rustic Life Instagram Page. If you travelled with Rustic but aren’t getting the monthly emails, please write us at and we will add your email to our Rustic Life database.

Since 2017 we have had 7 Rustic students become Rustic Life Ambassadors. Ambassadors help to run the Rustic Life program and take on projects such as contributing to the Rustic Life Blog, organising fundraisers for Rustic Pathways Foundation projects, creating promotional videos, and more! The program provides ongoing mentorship and professional experience with Rustic Pathways, including an Ambassador’s Retreat in Queensland. If you have travelled with Rustic Pathways and are interested in becoming and Ambassador, please contact us at