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Rustic Life Ambassador Application Now Open!

2019 Ambassador Application

Hey, you! Yes, you. You had an amazing time on your Rustic trip, right? Did it leave you feeling inspired and wanting to continue making a difference? If so, now’s your chance.

Applications Are Open!

Applications for the 2019 Rustic Life Ambassadors are now open! The role of our ambassadors is quite open-ended, allowing you to deepen your knowledge in your area of passion and give back in your own unique way! Each of our ambassadors proposes a project they would like to complete, and sets their own timeline for completing it, with our help and support, of course!

Projects our current ambassadors have taken on include managing the Rustic Life blog, setting up a Rustic Life Podcast, creating an informational Rustic Life video, coordinating a Rustic event, and more! Other ideas include running a fundraiser for a Rustic Pathways Foundation project, taking over creating content for our Rustic Life newsletters, or any other project you can think of!

What’s In It For You?

As well as having our support to build skills in an area of your interest and gaining professional experience to add to your resume, ambassadors get exclusive discounts on some of our programs, as well as having the opportunity to attend a Rustic Life Ambassador retreat on the Sunshine Coast in January where you’ll receive training and will meet other current and incoming ambassadors.

There will be opportunities to represent Rustic at events throughout the country. Current ambassadors have joined us at career expos, as well as representing Rustic at the UN Youth Event in Sydney. These are just a few of the leadership and development opportunities you can access as ambassador.

As an ambassador, you will also be offered a discount on the exclusive annual trip for all Rustic Life students. This year, we have a group heading to Nepal in December! Stay tuned for next year’s location!

There may also be an opportunity to join us as an intern in the June, July, August period to gain experience working within a travel company, or to go on a program within Australia for free as an intern staff member.

Our Expectations

In addition to your project, we also require ambassadors to contribute content periodically, including blog posts every two months and posts in our Rustic Life social media groups every two weeks.

We expect our ambassadors to be highly self-motivated. We’re not here to tell you to do anything – we are here to support you, help you access the resources and contacts you need to complete your project, and to hold you accountable. The role of a Rustic Life Ambassador doesn’t have set time commitments, you can give as much or as little time as you have to the role based on the project that you choose. You create your own project timeline and set your own deadlines. We do, however, set up monthly check-ins to keep you on track and help you to achieve your goals.

How To Apply

If you’re under 18 or still completing high school, please discuss this with your parents/guardians before applying. We do not want this to disrupt your studies. Parent/guardian approval will be required if you are under 18 or still completing high school.

If interested, please send your application by email to before November 30. Your application can take any format you would like (feel free to be creative! Video? Photo essay? Poem? Go for it!) but please make sure to answer these questions:

  1. Your name
  2. Your year in school
  3. Where you travelled with Rustic Pathways & how the experience impacted you
  4. Project you are proposing to take on
  5. Timeline of when you would like to have the project completed

If you would love to get involved but are having trouble coming up with a specific project, send in an application letting us know how your Rustic Pathways experience impacted you and why you want to get involved. We can help you think up a fitting ambassador project!

Ambassadors who are chosen for the role will be announced in the December Rustic Life email and also notified directly by email.