Pathfinders 2018

Elephant Conservation & Northern Thailand

Come live at a royally-affiliated project dedicated to the preservation of Thai elephants and earn up to 28 service hours as well as a certificate in elephant handling! Learn to ride, guide, bathe, and feed elephants as you help to ensure a bright future for these magnificent animals. The program includes formal classes, practical training, local accommodations, an overnight camping adventure deep in the jungle, an excursion to an elephant hospital, social time with the mahouts (caretakers), and plenty of quality contact with these peaceful pachyderms.

The Cambodia Children’s Project

Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia. People here are still trying to shake off the shocking and tragic Khmer Rouge era, and most Cambodians live in poverty. It is not uncommon for Cambodian children to grow up without the food, shelter, or basic medical care that they need. While the temples of Angkor Wat help attract tourism and raise global awareness of Cambodia’s destitution, this generation also needs educators, leaders, and role models in order to learn the tools for positive growth and change. Lend a helping hand to the youth of this developing nation as they move toward a brighter future.

The Fiji Highlands Immersion

Think outside the box this December and go behind the scenes to experience true Fijian friendship. Fiji may be a small group of islands, but the impact its people has on visitors is enormous! Rustic will take you on an exclusive program to villages far off the tourist track. Escape the crowds and have a personal experience where you’ll live like the locals. After the intensity of the school year, kick back and enjoy a week of laid back Fiji time. Soak up the charm of these friendly islands, then help build a school and teach local Fijian kids! Relax beneath towering waterfalls, play some water rugby in a nearby river, lend a hand at a grass-roots farming enterprise, visit and work within a small rural kindergarten (the local children will love you!), engage with friendly villagers and learn about another way of life, explore remote trails and come away experiencing a side of Fiji that few visitors have the opportunity to witness, understand, and be a part of. Our Fijian Highlands Immersion trip is an insane blend of off-the-beaten track adventures within a safe, welcoming and fun group travel experience. Come by yourself, or bring your school mates for an adventure that will impact the rest of your life. You’ll come home raving about the friends you make, the activities you enjoy, and the places you visit.

Unforgettable Fiji

Join Pathfinders students from around Australia for the ultimate, one-week trip in Fiji. Volunteer on a variety of community service projects while staying at our beautiful Eco-Lodge Service Base in Fiji. From tutoring at a local school to working on small construction projects, you’ll give back and meet locals through range of service projects. Then, explore Fiji’s beaches and rainforest by snorkelling, zip lining, kayaking and hanging out on white-sand beaches. Get to know Fijian culture through our local staff who will teach you about the country’s history, perform a traditional dance, and show you how to cook delicious local food. Meet students from all over Australia at the base as you spend your free time swimming in the pool and hanging out in the sun. You’ll never forget your Pathfinders week in Fiji!