Our Approach to Community Service

Through responsible travel and well-designed service initiatives, our students are able to understand pressing social and environmental challenges at a global level, and contribute to efforts that combat these challenges at a local level. We take a comprehensive approach to community service, working with community partners from the design process through to monitoring and evaluation. Each year, we publish a report that presents our progress, accomplishments, and goals for the future.




Environment and Animal Welfare

Community Health and Social Services

Economic Development

  1. Identify and Design Projects with Local Partners

    We spend time with our local partners and community members on the ground to understand their needs and priorities. We then collaborate to develop projects that address key needs and build on community strengths.

  2. Provide Students with Opportunities to Engage

    We collaborate with our partners to create well-defined roles for our students that harness their skills and ensure they make a meaningful contribution. Students are able to select programs based on personal interests and skill sets, maximising both their experience and the success of our service initiatives.

  3. Work Together to Achieve Goals

    Our students join the efforts of our local partners during their programs and work collaboratively to achieve project goals. Both students and communities utilise the unique skills they bring and learn from and about each other.

  4. Monitor and Evaluate

    We conduct regular evaluations with project partners and beneficiaries, evaluate both the process and impact of our ongoing initiatives, and consistently use feedback to improve project design and implementation.

  5. Build Long-term Partnerships

    We establish partnerships with a long-term view, recognising that real change takes time. We provide ongoing support to partners and projects, take on initiatives in a range of areas and work to ensure a lasting impact.