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Meet The 2019 Rustic Life Ambassadors

We have an awesome team of all-star Rustic Life Ambassadors shaking things up in Rustic Life this year, and we figured it was about time to introduce them to you all! Scroll on to find out a bit about them and get in touch if you’re interested in becoming a Rustic Life Ambassador!

Izzy Nicholls:

I’m Izzy Nicholls and I manage the blog here at Rustic Life. Completing year 12 in 2018, I decided to make the move from Tasmania to Melbourne to study a Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Midwifery course at Deakin University. As a student the feeling of a world much greater than the four walls of a classroom never left my mind. My passion for travel stemmed from this, leading me to travel to Fiji twice with Rustic, once with school and then returning the following year on an open enrolment program. This is my second year as an Ambassador. Rustic Life was created with the intention of being a platform and resource that encourages and motivates students, providing them with the tools to create the change they want to see in the world. As an Ambassador, the passion for Rustic’s mission is something that encourages us to contribute in a bigger way. For me, this is executed through the role as Blog Manager.

Keep reading to meet the rest of the team of passionate Ambassadors we have behind Rustic Life.

Elissa Veitch:

After finishing year 12 last year, Elissa is now working full time at her high school as a sports assistant. Elissa travelled with Rustic to Fiji and loved the experience so much that she went back to Fiji in 2017 and again at the end of 2018 to visit her homestay family. This is Elissa’s second year as a Rustic Life Ambassador; in the past Elissa has been involved in attending expos and writing blogs. This year her main focus is kickstarting and managing the Rustic Life podcast which is going to publish interviews with program leaders, tutorials on learning a language, Rustic destination spotlights, student’s stories, and more! As well as her dedication to Rustic Life, Elissa is an active volunteer with the Rural Fire Service.

Victoria Greaves:

Victoria completed year 12 in 2018 and will be starting nursing at university in Perth this year. While travelling to Thailand and Laos for 3 weeks with Rustic in 2016, Victoria saw a local child cut his knee and the assistance that was required, this experience is what inspired her to become a nurse. As well as travelling with Rustic, Victoria has experience living overseas in Singapore. As an Ambassador Victoria is working alongside the Rustic Life team to create content and run the Rustic Life instagram.

Stacey Elliot:

Stacey is currently a year 12 student studying in the Blue Mountains. After travelling with Rustic to both Cambodia and East Kimberley, Stacey’s love for travel and culture was ignited. Stacey recently spent a month in Spain immersing herself in the local language and is currently studying Spanish as part of the IB program.

While in Cambodia Stacey really connected to the community service project that she participated in with the BSDA and Stacey’s role as a Rustic Life Ambassador involves the objective of raising money for the Rustic Pathways Foundation with the money going directly to the BSDA.

Chris Walsh:

Chris is a university student, living in Canberra and studying philosophy at ANU. This is Chris’ second year being a Rustic Life Ambassador. Chris has travelled with Rustic to the Outback and on the first Rustic Life Expedition to Nepal. When you ask Chris about his Rustic trips his reply always includes something about the late night debrief discussions where people are challenged and inspired. Chris is a documentary-portrait photographer and cinematographer and has taken on the project of completing a video that articulates what Rustic Life is. Chris is also actively involved in writing blogs and creating content for the Rustic Life instagram.

Together we make up the Rustic Life Ambassador team! We love being involved in Rustic and encourage you to get on board!