How To Survive Year 12

Tips from someone who lived through it.

By Cailey Snabel (Rustic Life Ambassador, 2018)

Year 12 is stressful, there’s no way around that fact. Somewhere amid the panic of trying to plan out your entire life while somehow acing school and completing a slew of extracurricular activities, you might find yourself wondering how you can possibly get through all this.

So take a breath and read these tips on how to survive Year 12 from someone who lived through it.

Get organised!

Get in touch with your inner Type A personality and print off a calendar. Write down every piece of assessment you have due and set yourself dates that you have to finish drafts and note-taking by.

Then during study-heavy periods like exam week write yourself a to-do list. Not only is it extremely satisfying to tick off your tasks as you do them, it helps you feel like you’ve actually made progress even when you’re knee deep in essays and messy notes. Bonus: it helps motivate you.

Take breaks!

Don’t become a hangry study hermit who has forgotten what life is like beyond the highlighted blob of text in front of you. While it can be tempting when you feel like you have too much to do and no time, spending all your time studying can actually be counterproductive.

Go for a walk, play your favourite sport, hang out with your friends, volunteer – do whatever you love to do! Not only will this keep you happy and healthy enough that you actually can study, extracurriculars look great on a resume and help you keep up your mental health. Plus, when you look back on Year 12 your sum total of memories will not consist of the inside of a library.

Treat yo’ self

Set yourself small goals and reward yourself for completing them. By small goals I mean very specific ones, like how many questions you’re going to complete each night and the number of chapters you are going to read in an afternoon. The more specific they are, the more likely you will accomplish them.

Now the hard part. It’s 3am, you’ve just spent four hours in a Netflix spiral that all started with “I’ll only watch one episode” and you have an exam in two days. We’ve all been there – the question is how to stop your five minute break from turning into a four hour Riverdale marathon.

One simple way is to set yourself an alarm for 10 minutes. That way when the temptation to continue watching pops up you have something other than your flimsy self-control to remind you that you should be studying.

Year 12 is not everything!!

This is the most important point on this list. There is a lot of pressure placed on people to get that perfect ATAR (or OP). Do not forget that there are other options! TAFE has bridging courses that allow you to get an ATAR, and you can always transfer within a uni even if you don’t get into the course you originally wanted to.

So if something goes wrong, just remember it is not the end of the world. If you take anything from this article take this: your ATAR is not your life. Your mental health and happiness should always be your priority.

Now with your newly found knowledge go forth and conquer Year 12!