Our Team: Tanzania


Patrick Ziemnik

Tanzania Country Director

Patrick began his career in experiential education managing Harvard’s First-Year Outdoor Program while a student. After receiving high honors from the Harvard University Social Studies Department, Patrick continued his passion for social enterprise as an AmeriCorps volunteer. He now brings his strong leadership skills, love of the outdoors, hearty laugh, and two years of experience as Mongolia Country Director to our operations in Tanzania.


Cecelela Tomi

Tanzania Program Manager

While enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania, Cecelela was awarded two different scholarships to study Kiswahili in Zanzibar and Arusha. Upon graduating in 2013 with a Sociology degree, Cecelela spent a year mentoring inner-city youth in Washington DC through AmeriCorps. Her Swahili fluency, Tanzanian heritage, and strong passion for empowering young people make her a perfect fit in her role as Tanzania country manager. In her spare time, you can find Cece on the dance floor moving to the latest Bongo Flava hits!

Jackson Paul

Tanzania Program Manager

Hailing from Karatu in northern Tanzania, Jackson is an invaluable member to our Tanzania team. Always full of energy and entertaining our students with his jokes and stories, Jackson instantly becomes a favorite on our programs. Having a wealth of knowledge about the areas in Tanzania where we operate, Jackson is constantly looking for ways to innovate and tweak our programs for the better. His enthusiasm for sharing his culture with our students make our programs in Tanzania that much more impactful.