Our Team: Laos


Braden Betts

Laos and Myanmar Country Director

Having grown up in Kuwait, Thailand, and Singapore, Braden brings over 20 years of international experience and a deep knowledge of Southeast Asia to our team. Braden lives year-round in the region and currently oversees operation in both Laos and Myanmar. In his free time you’ll find him scouring the globe for waves, thrills, and spicy street food.

Khamla Sibounheuang

Laos Country Manager

Originally from the heart of exotic Xayaboury province, Khamla has calmly managed our Laos operations for five years. He received his degree in economics in Luang Prabang, where he now lives with his wife and young daughter. In addition to managing our year-round programs, Khamla has been instrumental in the development of our Rustic Pathways Base in Laos.


Anou Phetsila

Laos Program Manager

Hailing from the rural western frontier of Xayaboury province along the border of Laos and Burma, Anou has been with us for four years. As a certified WFR, he has been one of the key staff members on the Come With Nothing, Mekong Expedition for several years. Anou has traveled extensively with our group trips throughout the Southeast Asia region.

Somphan Lorxouamai

Laos Program Leader

One of our key Hmong staff, Somphan is one of our best-loved program managers in Na Som village, the first stop on our Sticky Rice Service program. With his extensive connections here, Somphan is a big reason why we have such deep connections in this area. He is always keen to jump in on a game of soccer or an English-Lao karaoke session.

Khamphao Sivilai

Laos Program Leader

A star member of our leadership team from Xayaboury province, Khamphao completed three years of vocational study in electronics in Luang Prabang. Khamphao is a manager of the Sticky Rice Service program and is now studying English at Manivanh College in Luang Prabang. He looks forward to furthering his language skills with students.


Laos Program Leader

Buapha grew up just a short walk away from the beautiful Kuang Si Waterfall in Luang Prabang, and was destined for a life in tourism! After finishing school, he worked as a guide and taxi driver before joining our Laos team six years ago. He’s currently studying to become a certified commercial driver to lead Rustic trips from the driver’s seat.

Meng Yang

Laos Program Leader

Raised in Na Som village, Meng Yang and his family are at the core of our Sticky Rice Service program. His father is the village doctor, and many of our service projects in Na Som village have been designed with his expert guidance. Meng Yang studied in an Intensive English Language course last year and enjoys sharing the Hmong culture with our students.

Khamtai Visai

Laos Program Leader

Khamtai hails from a remote hill tribe village outside of Luang Prabang. An instant favorite with students, Khamtai is one of our future leaders with a real knack for community service. He loves showing students around his fascinating village. Khamtai’s English has come a long way, and he has earned the reputation of being our handyman who can fix just about anything.