Our Team: Cuba


Harry Alvarez

Cuba Country Director

Born in New York and raised in the Dominican Republic, Harry graduated from SUNY New Paltz with degrees in psychology and Spanish. After managing programs in Costa Rica for four years, Harry began our operations in the Dominican Republic in 2012. He is excited for a new adventure of opening programs in Cuba for 2016. In addition to his passion for indigenous cultures and Latin dance, Harry enjoys cooking at his new home in New Orleans.


Hector Zamora

Cuba Country Manager

Hector is a native of Nicaragua that thinks of many places as home – having lived in all continents except Asia and Antarctica. Hector holds B.A degrees in Marketing and Business Administration from Universidad Americana in Nicaragua and a MSc in Development Studies from The University of Sydney, Australia. He brings his field experience in research and development programs with his passion for experiential education; conveying academic level content to creative and engaging learning environments. In his free time he enjoys sailing and scuba diving.