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Global Impact Strategy

Small Efforts Create Big Change

Global impact is at the core of what we do. Rustic Pathways is committed to creating positive impact through transformative student travel experiences that facilitate meaningful engagement with our partners around the world.

To create global impact, we focus on two areas: community impact and student impact.

Goal: Create a world where travel is a model of sustainable development by fostering positive impact around the world through community engagement, strong local collaboration, and responsible business practices.

Sustainable Travel

Committing to responsible travel practices through a holistic approach that embodies economic support, sustainability, and responsible traveler conduct.

Goal: Inspire a future generation of globally-minded self-aware change makers to create positive impact at a local and global level.

Aligning our existing community and student impact work with the Sustainable Development Goals will allow us to take what we’re already doing a step further.

Our service work will contribute directly to Sustainable Development Goals such as improving access to education, protecting and preserving the environment, and ensuring access to basic human needs such as water, housing, and food—among others.

Not only will our community service outcomes contribute to the 17 goals the UN is working to address by 2030, but everything we do as an organisation will be guided by those core principles.

Learn more about Rustic Pathways’ global community and student impact by reviewing our annual Impact Report.

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