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Education Beyond Classroom

An Experiential Learning Journey from Grade 3 Through Grade 12

As recognised by the Australian Curriculum and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, it is imperative that we begin moving education beyond the classroom, connecting students with the broader community and reinforcing learning through authentic and meaningful experiences. This allows them to develop the knowledge, skills, behaviours and dispositions needed to operate in an increasingly connected and rapidly changing world.

Rustic Pathways is passionate about developing opportunities that can lead to a more productive, sustainable and compassionate society where people have the experiences, tools and language to engage with and understand the world in which we live.

Due to this we have developed the framework of a Grade 3 to 12 service learning program aimed at developing global citizens who have the values and cross-cultural competencies to build an equitable and sustainable future for all.

Rustic Pathways assists schools to build their own Grade 3-12 program that:

  1. Aligns to learning areas;
  2. Provides opportunities for all students to gain a deeper understanding and experience with the cross-curriculum priorities; and
  3. Is mapped against the general capabilities.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and culture

Epic Outback
East Kimberley Ancient Culture and Country
East Pilbara Culture and Caring
Cape York Aboriginal Community

Lake Menindee NSW


Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia




Australia Zoo / Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve
Cape York Turtles
Critical Issues in Conservation: Great Barrier Reef
Paddock to the Plate

Urban Life (homelessness, marginalisation)
Gender Equality
Renewable Energy
Immigration and Refugees Sustainability in Action: Practice v’s Theory

General Capabilities

Literacy – Rustic programs can provide an avenue for students to apply their literacy knowledge and skills for different purposes in a range of contexts.

Numeracy – Rustic programs challenge students to use their mathematical skills broadly outside the classroom.

Information and Communication Technology Capability – Throughout a Rustic program students will use Information and Communication Technology at a minimum to access information, express ideas, communicate within their team and engage with external stakeholders.

Creative and Critical Thinking – Rustic programs challenge students to be creative and think critically about topical issues in Australia and abroad.

Personal and Social Capabilities – Rustic programs take students outside of their comfort zones where they will face challenging situations, learn more about themselves and others and effectively build valuable life skills.

Ethical Understanding – Rustic programs provide students with an opportunity to experiences and develop a strong personal and socially oriented ethical outlook as they identify and investigate the nature of ethical concepts, values and character traits, and understand how reasoning can assist ethical judgement.

Intercultural Understanding – Rustic programs provide a platform for students to learn about and engage personally with diverse cultures in a way that recognise commonalities and differences, creates connections with others and cultivates mutual respect.

If you’re interested in exploring the option of setting up a long term service learning program at your school, let us know!