Costa Rica Student Travel Program

Welcome to Rustic Pathways Student Travel in Costa Rica!

Rustic Pathways is proud to offer twenty diverse Costa Rican student travel programs. These range from sea turtle conservation or working with an indigenous tribe in the Caribbean, to exploring the jungle in Corcovado National Park. We also work with the Kuna Indians on the San Blas Archipelago in Panama. We are proud to introduce our students to this beautiful destination through service and adventure!

Student Travel in Costa Rica for School Groups

We custom design our Journeys to meet your school’s requirements. Please contact us to discuss the type of experience you are looking for. As a general guide, here are some of the potential elements of your Costa Rican student travel Journey:

Group of teenagers on a Rustic Pathways student travel program in Costa Rica after completing volunteer service planting trees.

Service Projects

Rustic Pathways has developed various long-term partnerships with communities, villages and local organisations. Experience for yourself the power of sustainable environmental development programs. Contribute to sea turtle conservation efforts or lend a hand with remote village infrastructure projects or social development and engagement activities. Some of our service projects that you could support on your student travel in Costa Rica include:

Reforestation Projects: Replant trees on the Osa Peninsula.

Environmental conservation: Help in a recycling centre or help in local gardens.

Primary Schools: Run activities and tutor in English classes at primary schools around Costa Rica.

BriBri & Sarapiqui Village Service: Teach English, help with small-scale construction work and improve local infrastructure.

Turtle Conservation: Work alongside National Park Rangers to protect this beautiful creature and it’s habitat. Assist in the turtle hatcheries, beach clean-ups, reforestation and egg-collection projects.

Summer Leadership Camp: Work together to create and run a summer camp for local kids. Develop meaningful connections with the kids through fun and educational activities.

Education and Cultural Exploration

During your Costa Rican student travel experience you will experience the warmth and laid-back vibe of tico culture. Discover the beaches, towns, and jungles. Immerse yourself in the indigenous culture of the Bribri. Hone your Spanish skills through immersive homestays. Get adventurous and zip line through the rainforest. You may like to incorporate some of the following experiences into your student travel in Costa Rica:

BriBri Cultural Activities: BriBri community and culture is very welcoming. During your time here you will have the opportunity to learn about this village’s way of life. In addition, you’ll learn about how to use the cacao plant to make chocolate and about BriBri’s use of medicinal plants.

The Maleku Community: Interacting with the Maleku community is a unique opportunity. You will play games and practice Spanish with the local children and learn about this fascinating culture. The Maleku are one of Costa Rica’s eight remaining indigenous groups. They have lived in the northern region of Costa Rica for centuries. Today, only about 600 Maleku people still live in three communities in northern Costa Rica on a reservation that is a fraction of the size of their former lands.

Costa Rican Wildlife: Home to some of the most bio-diverse swaths of land and sea on the planet, Costa Rica is famed for its natural environment. Costa Ricans – or Ticos, as they’re called here – are intensely proud and protective of their lands. They have put their country on the map as the world leader in eco-tourism and environmental protection! Learn, firsthand, about some of the methods used in sustainable development areas.

Adventure and Challenge

Adventure and challenge is inherent to every Costa Rica student travel Journey, however, if you are looking to physically challenge your students through a specific activity, you may opt to include:

Surfing: Learn to carve up some waves in a series of surf lessons from local legends.

Kayak, Sail, And Snorkel: Get out on the warm Costa Rican ocean to try your hand at any of these activities.

White-water rafting: Throw on a lifejacket and head for 1 or more days down the Pacuare River for a rafting adventure.

Sleep in a cave: A truly Rustic experience, this camp is set behind a giant waterfall. The camp has all the facilities to make a night out here comfortable with beds, bathrooms, a kitchen and even a fire pit!

Rappelling waterfalls: Led by professionals in the industry, rappel down towering waterfalls into the jungle below. One of the waterfalls is 50 metres tall!

Zip-lining: Zip-lining in Costa Rica is a breathtaking experience. As you shoot through the rainforest canopy you can hear howler monkeys and birds cheer as you reach lightning speed.


There are various accommodation options that we can offer in Costa Rica on student travel programs. It depends on how “rustic” you would like your Journey to be.

Hotels: A variety of 3, 4 & 5 star hotels in cities and towns.

Homestays: Students can stay in the homes of local families in remote villages.

Volcano & Rainforest Base House: A large property located near the town of La Fortuna, this large house has capacity for groups of more than 60.

Turrialba Base House: A traditional Costa Rican townhouse that is set in the Turrialba Valley and is known for its proximity to adventure activities.

The Surf Base House: Perched on a hill overlooking the rainforest, this multi-story surf house is located just outside the coastal town of Uvita. With easy access to consistent surf, this is a great spot for beginners or advanced surfers.

River Lodge: Located on the banks of the Pacuare River, the lodge is used primarily for rafters that are on overnight trips.

Luxury Tents: Camping in shared tents when in remote places is a great way to experience the Costa Rican wilderness.

Special Requests

Please chat to us if you have any special requests that you would like included in your student travel to Costa Rica.

There is nothing too big, small, or out-of-the-box that we can’t handle.

What Next?

Please email us at to start designing your own student travel journey to Costa Rica!

We would be delighted to partner with your school to support the global education of your students.

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