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The Rustic Pathways Coffee Van

Rustic Pathways has a Coffee Van! Operated by the Rustic Pathways Foundation, this social enterprise is raising awareness of global issues and providing advocacy for our community partners. 100% of profits go to our Foundation’s community development projects in Australia and overseas.

Our van operates in five ways:

  • Fundraising for our Foundation. Our van’s selling coffee to raise money for our charity, Rustic Pathways Foundation. 100% of profits go directly to our projects in Southeast Asia and Fiji. Every cup of coffee counts!
  • Teacher Appreciation: We parter with schools to provide coffee to their staff as a thank you for their hard work. For a donation of $250 to our Foundation, our van will visit your school for 4 hrs and serve unlimited coffee, hot chocolate and chai to staff. Complete the booking form below!
  • School Fetes, Open Days, Community Events. Need a coffee van for an event to serve your community? We’d love to support you. And we’ll donate a portion of sales to your organisation (or a charity you support). Contact us about private functions and events.
  • Markets and Festivals. Keep an eye out for our van at markets, festivals and public events. We’ll be selling coffee to the public, talking about the communities we support, and raising money for the Foundation.
  • Student Training and Employment. Our van supports Rustic students by proving barista training, work experience and employment. Contact our Rustic Life team at if you’d like to join the crew!

Our coffee is freshly roasted and supplied by Commonfolk, a community business in Mornington, VIC. It’s really good coffee. And better still, its fair-trade, ethical and sustainably farmed.

We look forward to chatting to you soon over a cuppa.

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