A key part of our Aboriginal cultural experiences involves learning about the relationship between Aboriginal people and the land. This […]

Hannah Repke graduated from high school outside of Washington DC. She was accepted to the University of Virginia, but something […]

Taylor Brennan, of Montclair, New Jersey, brought a smile and a beam of hope into our inbox and we think […]

A well-written essay can get you into college. Tell the right story and you’ll stand out amongst the competition. That’s exactly what […]

Read this reflection by Rustic Alum, Mazzy Rosenast, on how her Rustic experiences impacted her and helped her grow into […]

It was National Reconciliation Week recently, a time that is meant for all Australians to learn about our shared histories […]

This is the perfect time for educational travel in Australia!  Forever the “Lucky Country”, Australia looks likely to survive the […]

For the third consecutive year and the fourth time in five years, Rustic was awarded the Best Youth Tour Operator during the […]

Rustic Life Ambassador Cailey Snabel just returned from spending a semester abroad in France through a university exchange program. Here […]

Waking up at three in the morning is definitely not most people’s favourite thing to do.  Once the adrenaline kicks […]

Schools with integrated education models point to Leadership as one of the skill sets necessary to develop well-rounded students. Opportunities […]

Privilege is a difficult concept to discuss with students, especially while they’re in their home environments. The many layers and […]

We have seen an increase in the number of educators and schools who want to use global programming as a […]

Megan Gallagher, of Los Angeles, traveled with Rustic Pathways to New Orleans and Fiji when she was in high school. […]

For ages talking about “developed” and “developing” countries was the norm, and many of us still tend to think about […]

As the Community Impact Manager in Australia, I take environmental sustainability very seriously. I love that our travel programs expose […]