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Tanami Desert Dreaming

Our Tanami experience is a very unique and special experience for Australian school groups. Billiluna and Balgo are Indigenous communities accessed from the famous Tanami Track, south of Halls Creek and northwest of Alice Springs. Through our community relationships in the Kimberley, Rustic Pathways’ groups have the privilege of being invited to visit Billiluna and Balgo. Spending 3-5 days in the community, students have the opportunity to be completely immersed into local life and culture. Supported by local youth workers and elders, the program is designed to be as organic and natural as possible. Each group’s experience is different and cannot be scripted, with no schedules or time frames. Learn first hand how to hunt and cook traditionally and share in the beauty of Indigenous culture with both elders and young people. Experience a deeper connection to land and the local people through storytelling and songlines. This is a remote immersion that furthers students’ understanding of Aboriginal Australian history and culture.