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Minke Whales & Marine Science

Join the ultimate dive adventure on the Great Barrier Reef. Get certified as an open water diver or take an advanced course, then venture into the far reaches of the Coral Sea! Snorkel with dwarf minke whales, a type of baleen whale that visit the reef along their migratory path each year from June to August. When not swimming with whales and other marine animals, join marine biologists to help evaluate the sustainable management of ecotourism. Log up to 21 day and night dives during your trip. Your Program Leader is the distinguished marine expert, Dr. Olaf Meynecke. Dr. Olaf is a leading scientist in the field of marine ecology. He studied environmental science in Germany, specializing in Biology, and worked as a scientific coordinator for the European Union before moving to Australia, where he completed his Ph.D. in marine biology.