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About Our Programs

There are four ways for students to travel with us. Students and teachers can travel together as a school group at any time of year. Individual students can enrol in a Rustic Trip and travel with like-minded peers during the holidays, independently of their family and school. Beyond Year 12, we offer alternative schoolies programs and three-month semesters for students during their gap year.


Service Learning Journeys for Schools

Teachers – these are our programs for you. We partner with schools around the world to deliver innovative, educational programs that extend your curriculum beyond the classroom. Rustic’s vision is for travel to be an essential part of every student’s education, for public and private school students. Our group journeys are custom designed for each school and include pre- travel and post-travel engagement.

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Rustic Trips

Open Enrolment High School Travel

Students – travel during the school holidays without your parents or teachers. Rustic Trips are open-enrolment programs for 14- to 18-year-olds from around the world! Some students come with a friend, but most come by themselves and make new friends on the trip. You will travel with Rustic Pathways leaders, local staff, and 10-15 students. With more than 90 programs in 19 countries, our range of Rustic Trips is truly unique.

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Travel for students aged 17-19

Whether you’re making the shift from year 11 to year 12, looking for an alternative to Schoolies, transitioning from high school to further study, entering the work force, or want to travel but aren’t sure how to start…Pathfinders has you covered. These programs connect you with passionate, like-minded people of a similar age to travel together with a common purpose. Pathfinders are all about choosing the road less taken and discovering new things about yourself, others and your world.

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Gap Year

Travel Beyond High School

Rustic offers two Gap Year options – Rustic Pathways Gap Year Semesters, or Verto Education University Credit Semesters. Choose between programs that are adventure and community-service based, or the Verto Education semesters which each have a specific, in depth academic focus. Semesters run February to May and September to December.

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