5 Key Ways We Can Choose To Refuse

While Plastic Free July is well underway, it’s never too late to take action to reduce your plastic use. Actually, it’s never been more important. From its energy-intensive production to its inability to degrade, plastic is a never-ending problem.

We all know that we need to refuse single use plastics (and really should be doing this already), so here are 5 different yet simple ways to reduce your plastic use:

  1. Get creative in the kitchen!
    It may seem like minimising the use of smaller plastics is insignificant to the cause, but every little bit counts. Whether it’s those crackers and hummus in a plastic snack pack or pre-packaged pasta, why not try making your own instead? The environment (and your fam) with thank you for it…and homemade pasta is way better than the packet stuff. Am I right??
  2. Give the single-use stuff a second life
    If you’re in a situation where plastic is unavoidable, can you think of ways to reuse it? From using cereal bags as waste disposal when cleaning up after your pets, to using plastic bottles as a mini indoor planter box, there are many ways that we can reuse single-use plastic. What ideas can you come up with?
  3. Take your personal care plastic free-
    Whether it’s the shampoo in your shower or the detergent under your sink, theres no doubt that personal care and hygiene products form a part of everyday life. Yet not only are they stored in plastic, many of these products also contain it in the form of microbeads – a double hit! But if you’re serious about reducing your plastic use, there are some simple home-made alternatives for you to try. While coconut oil and apple cider vinegar are on-trend health foods, they can also be used in place of cleaning products such as shampoo, deodorant and detergent. Why not give some of these recipes a try?
  4. Say yahoooo to bamboo!-
    As a fast growing and renewable natural resource, bamboo is a highly effective alternative to plastic. From toothbrushes to cooking utensils, bamboo is such a versatile material. With bamboo products increasingly prevalent in the market, it’s becoming even easier to adopt a less-plastic life! Start with one product, and then build up from there. These simple yet effective changes will make all the difference in the long run.
  5. Grow your own-
    When spicing up your home cooked meals, rather than using pre-packaged sauces and flavours, add some herbs from your own garden! Growing your own herbs requires very little space, can be highly rewarding and add a nutritious boost to your meal. It’s a win-win!