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For 35+ years, Rustic Pathways has been helping foster the next generation of changemakers. By thoughtfully pushing comfort-zones, expanding cultural knowledge, and building an understanding of our shared humanity, students return from their travels transformed into global citizens.


Our intentional program design creates a powerful relationship between the student travellers and the community partners that they work with during their time abroad. Real people creating cross-cultural bonds to positively impact each other and the world around them.


To ensure that our more than 10,000 annual student travellers return home safely from their #sorustic journey, we have created industry leading protocols, trainings, and processes that touch every aspect of your school’s experience.

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My experience on this trip was exciting, joyful, educational, fulfilling and inspiring all in one. From the onset, our small group clicked and that connection contributed to my enjoyment and the feeling of safety and comfort that endured for the length of the trip. We got to experience Cambodia through the lens of both a tourist and local; visiting sites such as the Killing Fields to contribute to our understanding of the country while also going off the beaten track to places such as Prek Toal. The Floating Village was my personal favourite, as we integrated ourselves into the quaint and simple lives of its citizens. Our service project, which involved the completion of a floating house was rewarding and inspired me to continue to seek out ways to provide service for others.

- Female student, Pathfinders Cambodia Floating Village Service Expedition 2019

I will always remember how knowledgeable, insightful, and considerate the Rustic staff were and the amazing intimate and authentic experiences we had such as the Koli village, eating at peoples’ homes, and the scavenger hunt. This trip was exceptional, unforgettable, insightful, and rewarding.

- Male student, Monash University Mumbai - Arts International Experience in India, 2019

Indescribable! Incredible! Once in a lifetime! We had the best Rustic leaders and the best group of students!

- Female student, Hellyer College, Vietnam 2018

I’ll never forget feeling like the home stays in the highlands are actually our Fijian family and feeling so welcomed, loved and appreciated by everyone everywhere we went. My experience was absolutely amazing and it is something that I will remember and hold onto for the rest of my life.

- Female student, Fraser Coast Anglican College, Fiji 2019

The best week of my life. Words cannot do justice to this experience.

- Female student, Pathfinders Fiji Highlands 2017

Truly unforgettable. I’m so glad I made myself go. It was definitely eye opening and I have a new appreciation for the life I have. I will never forget the bond we made with our leaders, friends and teachers as well as the connection to Fijian culture. The incredibly beautiful landscape is something I’m glad to have seen and helped protect. Overall the genuinely friendly, grateful and welcoming attitude I received is something I will keep close to me forever. I will definitely be recommending people to see the real side of Fiji… it is something I am so grateful to be able to have experienced.

- Female student, Domremy College, Fiji 2019

My experience on the trip has been a life changing one, that I could never forget. My overall perspective on life has changed and I feel like a new person. I am so thankful to be able to have gone on this trip.

- Female student, Domremy College, Fiji 2017