Are you between the ages of 17 – 19, passionate about travel and looking to have a positive impact in the world? Or are you trying to figure out your next move…what to study, where to work, and how to go about this thing called ‘life’? Travelling could be the best thing for you and our Pathfinders programs are just the right fit.

Whether you’re making the shift from year 11 to year 12, looking for an alternative to Schoolies, transitioning from high school to further study, entering the work force, or want to travel but aren’t sure how to start…Pathfinders has you covered. These programs connect you with passionate, like-minded people of a similar age to travel together with a common purpose. Pathfinders are all about choosing the road less taken and discovering new things about yourself, others and your world.

Through service work, adventure travel and cultural immersion, Pathfinders programs allow you to explore unique parts of the world in a meaningful way. You could help build a school in Fiji, teach kids in Cambodia, live in remote villages and care for elephants in Thailand! Learn valuable skills and life-lessons that will help guide you into the next chapter of your life. Travel with Rustic this year. Which path will you choose?

Programs in Pathfinders