Service-learning for schools

Rustic Pathways is the global leader in service learning programs for high schools. We pride ourselves on the integrity of our service projects, which address community needs while empowering our students to take leadership roles to positively impact their world. We teach students about their role in the global community, build cultural bridges, and inspire students to become compassionate citizens. Group programs are sustainable programs for schools with achievable goals and measurable learning outcomes. Teachers – we would love to speak with you!

Why Rustic Pathways?

Before any Rustic Pathways program becomes available, it has been years in the making. What now appears as a set of concise, organised offerings was initially brainstormed on long, dusty road trips, drafted on the lined pages of travel notebooks, and debated around conference tables of dedicated global activists. As a result, we take extreme pride in our programs and feel confident that each offering is a reflection of the respect and dedication we have for our students, teachers, and partnering communities.


Contact us to set up a meeting with one of our Group Travel Managers. We’ll meet you at school to start planning your program. Once we’ve identified your needs, our team will prepare some itineraries for you to review and work with you to refine your journey.


Your Rustic Pathways Group Travel Manager will help you promote the program to students at an assembly and to parents at an information evening. We provide you with resources to make it as easy as possible to generate interest from students and gain the confidence of parents.


We prepare your students for international travel and service learning. Depending on your school’s goals, preparation may include team building initiatives, fundraising, role-playing, pre-departure meetings, and inquiry-based projects to learn about cultural and social issues in your destination country.


Teachers fly with students to your destination and Rustic leaders will meet you upon arrival. The phases of your journey may include orientation, service projects, adventure, touring, and reflection. Our expert leaders will run the program and facilitate a life-shaping experience for you and your students.


Reflection is essential for learning. Our leaders facilitate discussions throughout the journey, and upon your return, we will debrief the program with teachers at school. We encourage students to become involved with our alumni to apply their learning and make positive changes in their world.