Gap Year

3 Unique Types of Gap Years

We offer three types of gap year semester programs – Service & Exploration, Language Immersion, and Rustic Internships. Each program has its own level of travel, service, physical activity, and independence. Let us help find the right one for you! Contact us.

Service & Exploration
Spend time exploring, learning, and volunteering in the South Pacific, Africa, or Southeast Asia. Each semester is carefully planned to provide adventurous, well-rounded, and team-oriented experiences. The rich experience of each semester contains a mix of working on community service projects, learning valuable skills, seeing culturally important places, and embarking on outdoor adventures.

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For independent students, this program is centered around internships in Rustic Pathways’ destination countries across the globe. Varying from country to country, internships will be with local NGOs and Rustic Pathways partners. The program culminates in a group camping trip where we’ll unpack the experiences of working in other countries and prepare to launch into college life with enthusiasm and confidence.

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Language Immersion
An in-depth experience in Costa Rica, Peru, and the Dominican Republic, this program is perfect for students looking to improve their proficiency in Spanish and truly experience what life is like in these countries. You’ll live with home stay families and fully immerse yourself in Spanish-speaking cultures through classes, service projects, and adventure activities.

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